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Where cars are concerned, we sweat the small stuff.

MK Auto was establish in 1986. Originally in Moorabbin and then Cheltenham, we are now located in
Seaford, Victoria.

Owners David Busuttil and Robert Monea have an in depth knowledge of cars, building and owning countless performance cars, racing cars and hot rods for themselves and there customers…

At MK Auto, we pride ourselves on only ever giving honest reliable service.

We won’t do any work on your car until we’ve advised you about the costs and you’ve confirmed that we should go ahead. If you need more information about what repairs are needed, and the impact of doing them (or not doing them) Rob or Dave is happy to take the time that’s needed to explain them to you.

It’s all part of the service.there customers…

Got a hot rod or performance car that needs work?

The engine work that the boys do is tailored to your specific needs and requests. Having owned and built and raced there own cars, Rob and Dave understand your passion and has the knowledge to get the speed under the bonnet that you’re looking for. And when you need to discuss your project to figure out what’s required to get your dream car on the road, that’s all part of the service too. Read more.

Contact us or drop in to have a chat to Dave or Rob about your needs. We look forward to seeing you at our Seaford premises.

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