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DYNO Tuning


Custom Dyno Tuning your car’s engine improves the fuel economy, meaning you’ll use less fuel, which saves you money and reduces carbon emissions to the environment.

Located in Seaford, Melbourne, we have our own Dyno, which caters for the commodore cup car, a high
performance car or the family car needing a tune up to improve fuel economy.

During a Dyno Tune we:

  • Check for vibrations
  • Optimise mixture to power ratio under load conditions
  • Check speedo accuracy

If you want to know what power you have under your bonnet, book your car in for a dyno tune and let MK Auto extract the best from your car.

Club Dyno Days

At Mk Auto we are extremely flexible and have run Club Dyno days for a variety of car clubs. Contact Us for more information.

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